SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design and the Provision of Smile Makeovers. The amazing new system brings together the three essential elements of modern cosmetic dentistry, which are orthodontics braces, ceramic and composite veneers. The great thing about this system is that your dentist can now place a custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front 6 teeth. Meaning you walk away with the perfect smile in no time at all. Smile fast allows patients to be able to visualize their smiles before the actual the work begins. By cutting out most of the time-consuming preliminary stages for Dentists, SmileFast has simplified the process of Smile delivery meaning patients can reach the smile of their dreams at a price that is affordable for everyone.


Cfast is a simple cosmetic system which uses orthodontic appliances specially designed to straighten the front teeth of adults to provide a significant improvement in the appearance of their smile in a time frame of around 6 months (treatment should take no longer than 9 months, but the vast majority are complete in a 4-6-month period). Cfast is an innovative cosmetic orthodontic procedure that straightens the front teeth. It is not a replacement for conventional orthodontic treatment but involves simple corrections that are carried out by our accredited Cfast dentists. Cfast focuses on just the front teeth, the teeth you can see when you smile for a purely cosmetic improvement. Please contact us for a free consultation.


Composite bonding offers a solution for an improvement for a patient smile. Bonding is usually used for chipped fillings, fractures or gaps between teeth, or for sometimes fixing discolouration. A composite white filling is attached to a tooth by your dentist and then shaped by hand to restore its original appearance. The colour of the filling is matched to your teeth and you and your dentist will discuss the best colour for yourself to give that natural look. So, it will appear as though it is a natural part of the tooth. Composite bonding can usually be carried out in just one visit. It’s a fast and effective way to fix minor cosmetic issues. Bonding is a non-invasive procedure and your dentist will ensure that you walk away with a confident smile.


A veneer is a thin layer of material made to fit on the front surface of the tooth. It is usually a procedure that is a lot less invasive than a crown, hence why this is preferable when it comes to tooth preservation. There is a number of different materials that can be used in dentistry but usually, they are made of porcelain to maximise aesthetics. Veneers are a quick and effective solution to stained, chipped or worn teeth. They can also be used to close gaps in teeth where orthodontic treatment may not be suitable and correct the overall alignment of teeth.


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that we offer to patients that would like to improve the appearance of their smile. It can brighten the existing tooth colour by several shades. To start your journey, you will need to come in and see the dentist for a dental examination to ensure you are eligible for the whitening. Not all patients are eligible so ensuring it is safe to do so, is the first step of your journey. Once the dentist is happy to proceed they will then make impressions of your teeth. Whitening trays will be made based on your impressions. Once they are ready, we will call you back in to get them fitted, and we will also provide you with whitening gel to take home and start the treatment. This is in-home process, and it usually takes 10-15 days.


Thomas has over 15 years' experience in general dentistry. General dentistry covers a range of treatment options and procedures fundamental to protecting and maintaining a good standard of oral health. Treatments are in place to keep your mouth, gums, and teeth healthy and free of pain. The ultimate goal is to prevent and diagnose disease. Treatments including gum care, root canals, fillings, and crowns are general day to day dentistry for a variety of patients. Dentistry is all about preventative care, Thomas will show you techniques and give the advice to ensure that you are looking after your oral health as well as you can be. Regular visits to your general dentist are pivotal to ensuring your mouth, teeth and gums remain healthy.


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